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"Sam a fantastic performance which shows, perfectly, that he is a young man with a bright future ahead of him." - WhatsOnStage

Hi There! 

Well, you've found yourself on a strange part of the internet haven't you...


I'm Sam. I'm an actor, theatre maker and magician from Durham. I relocated to London in 2012 and now split my time between the two. 

I have performed in theatre across the UK and in the West End. I regularly appear in Drama, radio drama and musical theatre. I have been a magician since before I can remember, but in 2008 I started focusing on mind reading and hypnotism.

I specialise in giving audiences an intimate and amazing experience.  Whether that be by revealing personal information, accurately recounting a dream or teaching an audience member how to read their partners mind! Yes... I can even hack into your phone.

I believe all theatre should be bold, interactive, relevant and filled with fun, laughs, kindness and a cheeky wink. I try to achieve this by fully involving my audience with every moment of the performance. 

If you have never experienced live mind reading, you're in for a treat. 

I hope to meet you soon, unless you think we wouldn't get along, in which case, it was nice meeting you...

Sam x

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