Outdoor Summer Party



"Our guests have not stopped talking about Sam's performances. He was truly the high lite of the evening..."


Whether this is a special birthday, anniversary, or unique celebration, Sam can guarantee amazing and memorable mind reading for any event. 

Whatever you are celebrating, you want it to be memorable. Mind reading is perfect for giving your guests a unique celebration that will blow their minds!

It's personal, intimate, modern, high end, funny and amazing!

Read on to discover the different options available. 

Sam performs all over the UK including, London, County Durham, Manchester, Birmingham,Liverpool and Devon and Cornwall


Also described as 'Parlour style', Sam will join you & your guests at your table for a private performance lasting up to 60 minutes. 

The performance can be given in two halves, or as a close to a dinner party over coffee and desert. 


This performance is intimate and personal. It is perfect for a group of between 8- 50 people. Each performance is bespoke and catered to the audience in attendance. 

Sam will display divination of thoughts, future events, reveal secrets and demonstrate to true power of suggestion!



Looking for something relaxed and informal? This option is perfect for bring together close friends and family. 

Sam will perform incredible feats of mind reading for small intimate groups, spending around 10 minutes with each group. 

This style of performance is perfect for entertaining guests throughout an entire evening or afternoon.

You will feel the anticipation as the gasps of amazement spread from group to group. 

Bookings last two hours for up to 100 guests, with bespoke options available for smaller or larger groups. 

It would also make the perfect addition to a garden party or any relaxed gathering of 20 people or more. 


Whether your audience is 50 or 5000, Sam can offer a stage performance anywhere from 15 minutes to a full 2  hour show. 

Sam has performed in theatres all around the UK, as well as staring in the west end. His stage performances are exciting, thrilling, funny and Jaw dropping. He has all the skills needed to ensure that your event is remembered forever. Your guests will be amazed and enthralled. It will quite simply be, one of the most amazing experiences of their lives. 

Sam will reveal thoughts, secrets, memories, reveal passwords and demonstrate the power of hypnotic suggestion. 


Sam will even cater the show to you personally. You and your event can be the star of the show! This performance is fully interactive and will engage and enthral you and every single one of your guests.