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  • What is a mind reader?
    It's someone who can seemingly pluck thoughts from your head without you saying them aloud. Some people lie, and say they can REALLY do this! Sam is NOT one of those people. Sam can read your mind... sort of. Using techniques found in psycology, performance, conjuring, hypnosis and the art of 'lying', Sam makes it LOOK like he can read your mind! If you have seen mind reading on TV, it looks a bit like that. However, there is no comparison to it happening right in front of you.
  • Go on then.. what number am I thinking of?
  • It wasn't 3
    It is now though isnt it....
  • Is Sam available on the (insert date) of (insert month)
    Visit the CONTACT page of this website and drop Sam a message to ask about date availability. He is always happy to chat and offer a no obligation free quotation.
  • Do you perform at children parties?
    Sam does not perform at Childrens parties. Mind Reading is an entertainment better suited to grown up minds.
  • Why dont you perform at Childrens parties?
    Mind reading is very much an adult style of entertainment for grown up minds. In addition, childrens heckles are vicious!
  • At my event there will be children, will you perform for them?"
    Look...If they happen to be stood next to an adult at the time, then of course. Sam can very easily include them within the interaction of the performance, and maybe do a few card tricks ;)
  • Does Sam perform at Private Events?
    Yes! Sam can perform mix and mingle (Walk around), dinner table, parlour or stage style. He will gladly chat with you about what is the best fit for your event.
  • How much do you charge?
    It depends on lots of factors including; Location, date and time, duration of performance and style of performance. E-mail Sam the details and he'll get back to you with a free no obligation quote.
  • Do I have to take part?
    If you're nervous about being picked, that is understandable. Sam is a very warm and entertaining performer, and is an expert at hand picking the correct participant for each section of the performance. You can be assured you will never have to do anything you are not comfortable with or dont want to do.
  • What's Sam favourite book?
    Sam really enjoyed 'The First 15 Lives Of Harry August' by Claire North. He has also just read "Dark Matter" by Michelle Paver which is a great ghost story!
  • Wait! Isn't Sam an Actor? Did I see him in...?
    Yes Sam is an actor, and you may have seen him in a show or on TV. For more information about Sam's acting career you can visit




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