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Seance Live

At Beamish Hall

October 9th / 11th / 16th / 23rd / 24th /25th/ 29th /30th/ 31st

"Do you believe in ghosts?

For over 100 years, the 'Victorian Seance' has been an attempt by the living to communicate with those who have passed.


This nail biting event aims to recreate the experience of a true Victorian seance.


Using age old techniques, Sam will demonstrate how mediums and psychics have for decades convinced audiences of their skills, before attempting a genuine Seance experience. With live audience interaction, this promises to be a once in a life time event.

*Warning - Not for those with a nervous disposition. This performance attempts to re-create a live Victorian seance, with themes of death, spiritualism and mild threat. It is not suitable for those under the age of 13. This performance is for entertainment purposes only and is not a spiritual event or gathering. 




NEXT SHOW: April 17th 2020 ( SHOW POSTPONED)

Join Sam for a night of mind reading & psychological illusion.

In this intimate and immersive performance, Sam demonstrates how psychology, trickery, hypnosis, human behaviour and blatant lying can be used to create the illusion of a 6th sense. See secrets be revealed, thoughts reads, liars identified and minds manipulated in this one of a kind show. 


This performance will take place during a sit down dinner in one of Lumley Castle's private dining rooms, recreating the atmosphere of a real Victorian parlour show. 


*Not suitable for under 13's 


Presented by Grim Up North Productions.