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How do I guess a banking PIN Number?

Updated: Jun 28, 2020

It's not easy. Firstly, It’s just ‘PIN’, not ‘PIN Number’. ‘PIN’ stands for ‘personal identification number’. So if you say “PIN Number”, what you’re actually saying is “Personal Identification Number Number”.. so I’m glad we’ve cleared that up. I've stolen that little joke-lette from Laura Wades wonderful play "Posh". Try to see it or read it, or watch the film adaptation "The Riot Club".

Back to the matter at hand, It's possible, but not easy! Your ‘PIN’ is made up of four numbers ranging from 0-9. The numbers can of course be repeated. There are ten options for each of the four numbers. So the probability of me guessing your PIN out of the blue is 1 in 10,000. So here goes…


There. I know. Incredible isn’t it.

Now, for the 9999 of you who are staring at the screen going, “Wait, that’s not my PIN, you fraud! I’m not hiring you for my birthday party / wedding / Christmas Disco”, you are understandably angry and I apologise. However, for the 1 person in 10,000 who is reading this who’s PIN is 7320, they have just witnessed a minor miracle. Quick, change your details, grab your youngest child and run for the hills. Don’t worry about the eldest, they’re 10, they’re on their own now!

Oh… You mean can I guess YOUR PIN every single time? Yes, I can do that as well.

One of the biggest misunderstandings is that I can just wander around plucking peoples private information from their head like some kind of strange magical criminal. That is not the case and would be ethically and legally precarious. However, if you consciously allow me access to that information, then yes, I can work with that.

Imagine this, you’re at at event, perhaps a party or family gathering. A short but handsome stranger with straight dark hair and a strong (ish) jaw line explains he is there to entertain and asks if you would like to see something bizarre and curious? The stranger is me by the way, I’ve been hired for the event, I’m not just randomly crashing office parties and showing people tricks, that would be both worrying and ‘curious’, but curious in the bad way.. like.. “hmm, this fish smells curious, shall we eat it darling?” “No my sweet, dispose of it immediately, tis perished!”

I will ask you to visualise a representation of your PIN, you will look into my eyes, I’ll probably ask you to take a breath or two, I will whisper sweet nothings at you , I will ask you a number of questions about your life and your personality.. and just like that… I will tell you your PIN! This also works with computer passwords, names of first borns and secret crushes!

Get in contact with me and I’ll show you an example of what else can be revealed.

Until next time, wash your hands!


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